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Maritime Books and Australian Railway Books

Australia’s railway history is the story of overcoming obstacles, natural and man made, ingenuity, hard ship and camaraderie. Rosenberg Publishing’s railway books cover the building of tracks, the development of railways and the construction and development of locomotives, steam, diesel, and electric.
Comeng: A History of Commonwealth engineering 1921-1955 Vol 1 T and The range of products included electric and diesel locomotives, wagons, rolling stock, specialised freight trains and wagons for the iron and steel industry, the cane industry and earth moving industry.
Locomotives of Australia 1850s to 2007 contains a concise profile of the country’s diversified motive power, both governmental and private. The history of the locomotives of Australia includes the latest diesels operating in the Pilbara, and new steam entries, include the South African 2-8-4 locomotive, plus 39 steam entries of locomotives seen in all Australian States.

Australian Railwayman is the personal memoir of 46 years building, maintaining and running railways in WA and SA.

Discovering the Great South Land tells of the first charting of Australia by a European and the technological advances that made it possible for the Duyfken to reach (and swiftly leave) our shores.
Other maritime books include the works of Peter Plowman, one of Australia’s foremost maritime authors, whose encyclopaedic knowledge covers everything from early troop convoys (Across the Sea to War) to Australian Migrant Ships 1946-77. His books on Chandris Liners and Sitmar Liners show the development of the cruising industry . Ferry to Tasmania and Murray Darling Paddleboats deal with the sometimes humbler vessels. All written with authority and meticulous research, illustrated in colour and black and white.
Robert Carter, renowned marine artist has combined his love of Tall ships, or Windjammers, with diaries, poems, personal memories in Windjammers: The Final Story.