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An Australian Locomotive Guide Second Edition

368 pages, 148 x 210 mm wide, 300 colour plates

ISBN 9781925078640, $34.95, Hardcover

Peter Clark

Available: new edition now available

Since the publication of the first edition, a number of changes have taken place in the Australian locomotive fleet. Four completely new designs of locomotive have entered service, and new examples of existing types have appeared under new ownership, as well as to existing operators, and some locomotives have changed hands. Aurizon, in particular, have taken a large number of older locomotives out of service, and many of their narrow gauge locomotives have been sold for further operation in Africa.

The Second Edition reflects these changes, with new entries for the new types and updated information in the entries for those types affected by new deliveries, sale or transfer overseas. A number of new photographs are included to illustrate the new types and new operators. The high standard of photography that made the first edition so popular has been maintained. The same quality of technical data has been provided in the new entries and these have been included in the correct sequence to maintain the book’s emphasis on technical development.

The text entries have been revised to reflect the changes and the indexes have been completely revised to take account of the changes.