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FLYING-FOXES Australian Night Foresters

192 pp, 285 x 210 mm landscape, 200 colour plates

ISBN 9781922013552, $39.95, Hardcover

Vivien Jones

Available: Now

A brilliant photographic essay about the Grey-headed Flying-fox, an Australian animal both amazing and amusing. Filled with information that is often little known, this immensely readable book is aimed at all those interested in this creature, whether on the amateur or professional level, and pitched at a level that will be appreciated by senior students onwards. Over 200 photographs reveal the flying-fox’s life cycle from birth to old age, its feeding habits, intelligence, individuality and quirks.

The Grey-headed Flying-fox plays a key part in maintaining the health of the forests along Australia’s east coast. Along with three closely related species, it is crucial to the regeneration of our native hardwood forests and rainforests, acting as a pollinator and disperser of seeds as it feeds. While flying-foxes share many features with primates, they are members of the Order Chiroptera (bats).

Vivien Jones, author and photographer, has a deep affection for this threatened species, and has spent over twenty years studying the Grey-headed Flying-fox in the wild. She is recognised for her detailed knowledge and experience by scientists specialising in flying-foxes, and her outstanding photography has appeared in numerous publications. She lives at Bellingen on the NSW north coast, where her observations are concentrated.