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Australian Doctors on the Western Front: The Australian Doctors at War Series Volume 3

496 pages, 245 x 167 mm, 400 b&w photos and maps

9781925078121, $65.00, Hardcover

Colonel Robert Likeman CSM

Available: Now

This book covers the carnage on the Western Front from 1916–1918. Likeman provides mini-biographies of each of the more than 600 Australian doctors, and the Australian Army Medical Corps units and hospitals, which served on the Western Front and in the training establishments in the UK. Each officer’s medical qualifications are listed, along with any honours and awards, as well as numerous photographs. There are also introductory essays about the campaigns in which the Australians served, and accompanying maps.

This is the third volume in the series ‘Doctors at War’ written by Colonel Robert Likeman CSM, recently retired from the post of Director of Army Health in Canberra.


PART 1 1916–1917: ‘No Time for Regret’

1 I ANZAC Corps

2 II ANZAC Corps

3 First Division

4 First Division Medical Units

5 Second Division

6 Second Division Medical Units

7 Third Division

8 Third Division Medical Units

9 Fourth Division

10 Fourth Division Medical Units

11 Fifth Division

12 Fifth Division Medical Units

13 Sixth Division

14 Sixth Division Medical Units

15 Hospitals

16 Kitchener’s Hundred

Nominal Roll 1916–1917

Addenda to Volumes 1 & 2

PART 2 1918: ‘Outlive the Bastards’

17 I Australian Corps (Narrative)

18 First Division

19 Second Division

20 Third Division

21 Third Division Medical Units

22 Fourth Division

23 Fifth Division

24 Hospitals

25 The AIF in England

26 Hospitals in England

Nominal Roll 1918