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The making of Warriors

272 pages, 225 x 150 mm, 97 illustrations, many in colour

ISBN 9780648446606, $34.95, Paperback

Graham J. Smith

Available: March 2020

The 2/1st Australian Infantry Battalion (City of Sydney Regiment), was mostly comprised of men of simple means and humble backgrounds. The Battalion’s motto was, Primus agat Primus (First Always First). Despite their backgrounds, they would eventually gain a reputation as fierce warriors, undaunted and tenacious, both feared and respected by their enemy.

Following successes at Bardia and Tobruk in North Africa, The First took part in the Kokoda Track campaign; later described as “a campaign without chivalry, a bloody fight to the death, an elemental struggle with only one password, kill or be killed”.

In New Guinea, The First faced the might of the Japanese Imperial Army head-on, and played an integral part in driving them back into the sea. The Australian’s prowess as jungle fighters was unrivaled in the annals of WW II.
This is the incredible and unique true story of The First. Told by the men who were proud to fight with it.
Graham J. Smith served for 14 years in two Australian police forces, and 11 years in Australian Army Intelligence. Members of his immediate family have accrued a total of over 140 years of service, spread across the three services of the Australian Defence Force, and two Police Forces.

Following his military and police service, Graham worked in the security industry, and holds tertiary qualifications in information management and security risk management. Now semi-retired he spends his spare time writing.

The Making of Warriors was written in honour of Graham’s great uncle, Sergeant John “Jack” Patrick Ledden MM, who served with both the 2/1st and 2/3rd Battalions throughout WW II, and features prominently in the story.