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Australian Railway books and Maritime Books

Rosenberg Publishing has a range of Austraialn Railway books and Maritime books. Peter Plowman is one of Australia’s leading maritime authors and his books range from a history of Australian and New Zealand troop convoys to Murray Darling Paddleboats. Titles include Australian Migrant Ships 1946-1977 to his history of The Chandris Liners and Sitmar Liners: Past and Present. Robert Carter, world famous maritime artist has combined his magnificent paintings with diaries, reminiscences of sailors on tall ships in Windjammers: The Final Story.

Australian Railway books include John Dunn’s meticulous and lavishly illustrated Comeng: A History of Commonwealth Engineering 1921-1955 Vol 1. Using contemporary photographs and interviews with ex-employees as well as his own research, John builds up a picture of the company and its products. Comeng made not only steam and diesel locomotives, rolling stock, but specialised stock for iron and steel foundries, cane trains. Railbuses, flat-top wagons, PHS power cars, RUB cars, RS buffet diners cars, BXL coal wagons, QR timber suburban cars – the list goes on.

Ron Fitch’s Australian Railwayman is the story of a man who literally built railways.Starting as an engineering cadet, Ron eventually became Commissioner for South Australian Railways. He writes of laying track, and the remarkable breed of men who do so, the advances in line-building techniques. There are stories of derailments, floods and washaways.Fitch is uniquely placed to write a book for all train enthusiasts, in which he celebrates both the men and the machinery, the toil and the technology, that opened up a vast and sparsely populated continent. Leon Oberg has produced the fourth edition of Locomotives of Australia 1850s-2007. A revised, enlarged 400 page book with references or entries to 39 new locomotive types. New steam entries detail the importation of a South African 2-8-4 locomotive.